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In a surprising turn of events, I am picking DEADPOOL #20 as my Pick Of The Week.

Now this is surprising only in that Deadpool is not a title I read on a regular basis. I enjoy the odd issue now and again. Mostly when he is paired across from Spider-Man. Very Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

For some unknown reason I decided to pick up a copy of Deadpool #20 and am I glad I did. It was a very well told story. At the end of the story there is a letter from the writer about why he wrote this story.

And now for a sentence that will (if you know the character) blow your mind.

Deadpool talking a jumper down.

Deadpool then DOES NOT kidnap the young woman and drags her around NY and punching people that sometimes just need to be punched. And Deadpool talks. About everything; and nothing. But what is so interesting about this story and this character is that he KNOWS he does not know what to say. Or even how to help (although he does suggest the Parker Industries Building, right over there, a much better roof for jumping off of) but at the end of the night he does know who can help. And even in his half-assed way he does TRY. Or in his own words “Listen, I don't think you're crazy. You just need a little help. And I am NOT the guy to help you.”

This was not the story I was expecting when I pick up this issue, as much as one can expect anything from a Deadpool comic, but I am very glad that I took a minute and read this book. I think he was the perfect person to come the her rescue. Even if 'un-killing someone is WAY harder than what he usually does.'